Raynool Low Loss 240 RF Coaxial Cable Assembly

Item No.: 00566
Premium Cable Assembly Low Loss 240 Coax Cable.
Low Loss 195, 240, 400 Cable Assembly available.
N Male, N Female, TNC Male, SMA, RP SMA.

Cable Assembly can customize RF connector type and with heat shrink to ensure a waterproof quality connection.
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Low Loss 240 RF Cable Assembly

The low loss 240 series is a high performance 50 ohm cable widely used in wireless.
Raynool low loss 240 coax cable assemblies can customize length and connector.

Raynool Low Loss Series Cable includes 100, 195, 200, 240, 300, 400 600 Series.
Black PE jacket, LSZH jacket available for outdoor and indoor.

Popular Connector type N Male, N Female, and SMA, RP SMA Male on stock and custom cable assembly can be sent within 1 week.




Widest selection of lengths and connector styles

Each assembly is fully tested ensuring the highest quality

Excellent low loss characteristics

Made with high performance, high quality 400 series coax cable

Full Series of Connector interface: Type N, SMA, TNC, BNC, UHF, 4.3-10, SMB, MCX, etc.
Straight & Right Angle Cable Jumper


 Impedance: 50 Ω
Frequency: DC - 6 GHz
VSWR: ≤ 1.15 @ 0-3 GHz
Shielding Effetiveness: ≥ 90 dB
Ultra Low Loss


Wireless LAN Devices

External Antenna Applications
Antenna Cable

BDA (Public Safety DAS)

FWA (Fixed Wireless Access)
Wireless OEM Applications


Raynool Low Loss Series Cable Assembly
Low Loss 100 Cable Assembly
Raynool is few of the factory that has the ability to build the stable performance Low Loss 100, Cable dimension 2.79 mm ( .109 inch), ideal for IoT required ultra low loss.
Standard PE jacket, Fire retardant CMR rated LSZH jacket available.

Low Loss 195 / 200 Cable Assembly
Better performance than RG58 with the same cable dimension 4.95 mm ( .195 inch), Low Loss, 0.5 m, 1m length in stock with N Male to RP SMA Male, N Male to N Female, custom length and connector cable assembly lead time 1-2 weeks. Standard PE jacket, Fire retardant CMR rated LSZH jacket available.

Low Loss 400 Cable Assembly
Low Loss 400, or RG8 coax cable, is widely used in varies application, cable dimension 10.16 mm ( .400 inch), 400 is a very low loss 50 Ohm RF coaxial cable designed for longer cable runs 10 m or even longer. Military RG8 Frequency ranges can up to 7.5 GHz. Standard PE jacket, Fire retardant CMR rated LSZH jacket, CMP rated jacket(White or Orange) available.

Low Loss 600 Cable Assembly
Low Loss 600 is normally assembled in site so it will comes in bulk cable with drum package, 1000 FT run or 500 meters. Raynool Low Loss 600 Cable have a very good performance up to 6 GHz. Standard PE jacket.

Contact Raynool sales for your custom Cable Assembly at [email protected], Know more about Low Loss Bulk Cable.



Full Series of RF Connector choice
Type N

Captivated Center Pin (CCP) Type: best for field terminations with center pin already inserted in body.
Solder type, Clamp or field termination type available, both in straight and right angle.

Standard SMA, RP SMA Male are two popular connector types for Antenna cable.

TNC Connector come with Low Loss 240 Coax Cable is always used as satellite connection.

Other connector type BNC, UHF, 2.2-5, MCX, SMB etc. available, custom connector lead time 1-2 weeks.

Test Measurement

Raynool will test the Bulk Cable before assembling, and every Cable Assembly will be tested to ensure every Cable Assembly perform an excellent performance.


Raynool Provide OEM / ODM custom service, Raynool production capabilities: 3,000 pcs cable assembly & 5,000 pcs RF connector / day.

Shipping Service
Do you have any concerns about oversea purchase? Know more about Raynool Door to Door service!

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