Low PIM Solution

Raynool's Low PIM solutions for indoor and outdoor cabling to base stations and antenna systems.

Low PIM Products
Low PIM, Plenum Rated Coaxial Cable Low PIM RF Connector Low PIM, Plenum rated Cable Assembly
Low PIM RG402 Plenum Cable
Low PIM TFT-402 Plenum Cable
Low PIM SPP-250-LLPL Plenum Cable
Low PIM 1/4'' Super Flexible Cable
Low PIM 1/2''S, Super Flexible Cable
Low PIM 1/2'' Flexible Cable

Low PIM RNX10 RF Connector
Low PIM 2.2-5 RF Connector
Low PIM Type N RF Connector
Low PIM 4.3-10 RF Connector
Low PIM 7/16 DIN RF Connector
Low PIM QMA RF Connector
Low PIM SMA RF Connector
Straight & Right Angle
4.3-10 Male to 4.3-10 Male, 3 ft RG402 Cable Assembly
2.2-5 Male to 2.2-5 Male,
 3 ft RG402 Cable Assembly
N Male to N Male, 3 ft RG402 Cable Assembly

Customized Cable, Connector and Length
Male & Female available
Straight & Right Angle available
Customized lable available
Low PIM Passive Components Weatherproofing Boot Accessories
Low PIM Termination Load
Low PIM hand portable Termination Load
Low PIM Tapper
Low PIM Splitter
Low PIM Attenuator
Type N
7/16 DIN
Straight & Right Angle
Low PIM RF Adapter
Low PIM RF Test Cable

Raynool Low PIM Production Line

* We provide the stable and high-quality Low PIM products, our R&D and manufacturing team are more than 10-year's experience in RF connectors, RF adapters and cable assemblies.
* Fastest lead time with various connectors & cables inventory
* Cost-effective: we provide cost competitive jumpers with excellent electrical and mechanical performance to better support customers to explore the market.

Raynool Testing Equipments
700MHz PIM Tester
900MHz PIM Tester
1800MHz PIM Tester
1900MHz PIM tester
3800 MHz PIM Tester
0-3 GHz Network Analyzer
0-6 GHz Netwrok Analyzer
0-50 GHz Network Analyzer
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