Fast Delivery DDP service
Fast Delivery & DDP service
Fast delivery lead time is what we address for, in some circumstance, it's the critical point for our customer to get the project, react fast is our promise to our customer.

Delivery lead time consist of manufacturing time and delivery time, Raynool always stock materials for common requirement and with effective manufacturing schedule, we can shorten our lead time to 1 week for a custom requirement. And for mass order, our lead time is 2-3 weeks. Delivery time matters as well, you can rely on Raynool of a 3 days delivery by DHL or 30 days delivery by boat.

Door to Door(DDP) service simplify the global purchase, which can significantly save our customer's time, money & energy. our customer don't need to tackle with a third party and can trace the cargo directly via Raynool!

Smooth and easy, you will feel the excellent service providing by Raynool throughout the whole project.