5G Products for the comming future
A lot of our customers are the leaders in the market, to keep the leadership position, our customer will always fast react to the market new requirement, and have new stuff for us, having the right external envirionment, Raynool can always keep the pace of the world.

Cable Assembly
Low PIM Cable Assembly Semi Rigid Cable Assembly Hand Formable Cable Assembly
Raynool Low PIM Cable Assembly typically have PIM lever better than -161 dBc and can run from DC to 6 GHz with excellent VSWR, covering all your 5G needs. Low PIM Cable Assembly include RNX10, 2.2-5, Type N, 4.3-10, 7/16 DIN, and SMA. Raynool Semi Rigid Cable can be customized to Tinned plated Copper, Bare Copper, cable type from .047 inch, .086 inch, .141 inch semi-rigid. Semi Rigid Cable Assembly include 2.4 mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, SMA, and Type N, up to 50 GHz frequency.

Raynool hand formable cable assembly 047, 086 / RG405, 141 / RG402 , have jacket or without jacket type, up to 50 GHz, is Hand Formable and Flexible, and can be used on widely applications and 5G equipments.

Micro Coaxial Cable Assembly Low Loss Series LMR Cable Assembly Precision RF Test Cable Assembly
Raynool Micro Coaxial Cable Assembly include 0.64mm, 0.81mm, 1.13mm, 1.13mm Low Loss, 1.37mm cable, with MHF1, MHF4, IPEX, SMA, TNC, Type N connector, length and color can be customized, can meet your wide variety need for 5G application

Raynool Low Loss Series LMR Cable Assembly have a full series from Low Loss 100 to Low Loss 600 Cable, with a wide variety of RF connector choice, can need your need for your 5 G project.
Especially, Raynool is the few can build stable 100 Cable Assembly.
Raynool Armor Low Loss Phase Stable Cable Assembly have excellent Amplitude phase stability, connector with 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, and SMA, with frequency range 18 GHz, 40 GHz, and 50 GHz.

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