Raynool 50 ohm Low Loss 400 Coaxial Cable and Cable Assembly RG8 coax PE Jacket

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Raynool manufacture low loss 100 to 600 coaxial cable and Cable Assembly.
LSZH, Fire Retardant(FR), TPE, TPU Jacket available.
Can be shipped worldwide!
China Manfuacturer, office in shenzhen and factory in jiangsu.
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50 ohm Coaxial Cable

Raynool 50 ohm Coaxial RF Cable available in high frequency test cable, Semi-Rigid, Semi-Flexible, Corrugated, and Flexible versions. Different RF coaxial cable feature different characteristic, Low Loss, Ultra Low Loss, Low PIM, Test.
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  RF Cable Assembly   RF Connector
Build your RF Cable Assemblies with a wide variety of RF Cable and RF Connector
RF Cable include Low Loss 100, 195, 200, 400, 600 coaxial cable, Low PIM RG400 RF Cable, .086 RG405, .141 RG402 RF Cable, Ultra Low Loss cable and test cable.

Raynool Manufacture a full series of RF Connector for different type of RF coaxial cable, Type N, 4.3-10, SMA for Low Loss Cable, Low PIM RF Connecor NEX10, 2.2-5, Type N, 4.3-10, DIN for coax cable RG401, RG402, RG405, Corrugated Cable, and 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm RF connector for Ultra Low Loss, test cable.


Low Loss 400 Coax Cable

Raynool 50 Ohm coaxial cable are available in corrugated, flexible, semi-flexible, or semi-rigid cable. a variety of dielectric including PTFE, Low Density PTFE, PE, Foam PE, Jacket including FEP, PVC, PE, or without Jacket. Most of standard coaxial cable are avialable for the same the shipping. for custom coaxial cable, Raynool sales are available to support you([email protected])





private marking are available to help you better build your brand on local market.

Max Frequency 5.8 GHz

Shielding Effectivity > 90 dB

80% Phase Velocity

PE / FR PE jackect

Low Insertion Loss
Private marking



 Generic Name  Low Loss 400/RG8/KSR400/CNT-400
 Impedance  50 Ohm
 Dielectric Type  Foam PE
 Jacket Material  PE
 Jacket Diameter  0.400 in(10.16 mm)
 Minimun Bend Radius        4.0 in(101.6 mm)
 Attenuation  3.9dB/100ft @ 900 MHz
 Attenuation  10.8dB/100ft @ 4500 MHz

Low Loss Series

Low Loss 100 Low Loss 195 Low Loss 200 Low Loss 240
  Inner Conductor (mm) 0.46 0.94 1.12 1.42
  Dielectric (mm) 1.52 2.79 2.95 3.81
  Outer Conductor (mm) / 3.53 3.66 4.52
  Jacket (mm & inch) 2.75 / .109 in 4.95 / .195 in 4.95 / .195 in 6.10 / .240 in

Low Loss 300 Low Loss 400 RG8 Low Loss 400 UF Low Loss 600
  Inner Conductor (mm) 1.80 2.74 2.74 4.47
  Dielectric (mm) 4.80 7.24 7.24 11.56
  Outer Conductor (mm) 5.70 8.13 8.13 12.50
  Jacket (mm & inch) 7.60 / .299 in 10.16 / .400 in 10.29 / .405 in 14.99 / .590 in

Bulk Spool 1000 FT, 500 Meter package available. Full series including Low Loss 400 Ultra Flexible, Low Loss 400 CMP Plenum Rated can be custom made.

Raynool manufacture a full series of 50 ohm Low Loss Coax Cable from RN-100 to RN-600 Cable, including ultra flexible type. Low loss series is manufactured in a flexible design and has a 50 Ohm impedance, features bonded aluminum foil and tinned copper braided outer conductor, and copper clad aluminum inner conductor, black polyethelyne jacket is a standard UV resistant jacket, designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Low Loss 400 cable is a high performance cable which has become a "standard" antenna cable of the outdoor wireless LAN and Wi-Fi industries. Several off the shelf styles are available including Plenum rated to comply with specific building codes.


  • General Purpose
  • Laboratory Use
  • Antenna Installations
  • Land Mobile Radio & Other Communication Systems
  • Cellular & Wi-Fi Systems
  • More to be continue

Signal Booster DAS / BDA / FWA / WISP Helium Direct replacement for 9913 & 1/2''

Want to know more about Low Loss Cable and the Applications?
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Build your own Cable Assembly

Connector and Cable Choices
Connector 1 Cable Type Connector 2
N Male / Female Low Loss 100 RG 58 N Male / Female
SMA Male / Female Low Loss 195 RG 174 SMA Male / Female
RP SMA Male / Female Low Loss 200 RG 178 RP SMA Male / Female
TNC Male / Female Low Loss 240  Low Loss 1.37 mm TNC Male / Female
BNC Male / Female Low Loss 300 Low Loss 1.13 mm BNC Male / Female
SMB Male / Female Low Loss 400 Low Loss 400 UF Low Loss 0.81 mm SMB Male / Female
Custom design Low Loss 600 Low Loss 600 DB RG 402 Custom design

Lead Time: 1-2 weeks.

Contact Raynool sales for your custom Cable Assembly at [email protected], Know more about Low Loss Bulk Cable.



About Raynool

Raynool is a China Manfuacturer, office in shenzhen and factory in jiangsu,  with it's own connector manufacturing line, 50 ohm coax cable manufacturing line and cable assembly manufacturing line, Raynool can ensure the quality and lead time. More about Raynool.

The benefits of Cable Manufacturer and Cable Assembly Manufacturer:

(a) Bulk Manufacturing Capability.
(b) Quality Guarantee.

(c) Fast Delivery Lead Time.
(d) Stable, Consistance Performance.
(e) Custom Design.

Quality Connector Manufacturing Line
Raynool manufacture Captivated Center Pin (CCP) RF Connector design for field terminations, no need to solder. Available Right Angle connector is useful for tight bend radius.

Low Loss Cable Manufacturing Line

Cable Assembly Manufacturing Line

Test Measurement

Raynool will test the Bulk Cable before assembling, and every Cable Assembly is fully tested ensuring the highest quality.


Raynool Provide OEM / ODM custom service, Raynool production capabilities: 3,000 pcs cable assembly & 5,000 pcs RF connector / day.

Shipping Service
Do you have any concerns about oversea purchase? Know more about Raynool Door to Door service!

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