Cost Optimized
Cost Optimized

Cost Optimized by tailor design
Raynool know well about Low PIM RF connector, coaxial cable & cable assembly, and have extensive experience on custom design, we can tailor the design based on your specific project to achieve the optimal cost.

Cost Optimized by One-Stop Shop
Raynool have a full series of Low PIM products & Accessories for DAS, we come up with Raynool Low PIM solution to service the customer on DAS/Small Cell/Public Safety BDA/ERRCS market, which can significantly save our customer's time, money and energy, to achieve the cost optimized goal.

Cost Optimized by comprehensive shipping method
Can you imagine that shipping cost can be up to 30% of the order amount! Fast doesn't mean expensive, Raynool have stable shipping line, air & boat, with the quantity advantage, Raynool can get a comparatively low cost. By taking all the aspects into consideration, we can also recommend the solution to best fit our customer's project.

Cost Optimized by new technology
We always keep an eye on the Low PIM market, and always get ready to learn the new stuff, and our customers can rest assured that they’ll be ahead of the market when they work with Raynool, and our customer can benefit from the factory price.