Why is 4.3-10 Connector so popular

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Why is 4.3-10 Connector so popular?
With the increasing number of wireless network bands, transmission fidelity is more and more strict. This is especially the case for upcoming non-standalone 5G NR recently specified by the 3GPP, which add frequency bands in the 3 GHz and 5 GHz portion of the radio spectrum, where performance could be impacted by PIM with 4G systems. Hence, new coaxial connector interfaces, such as the 4.3-10, are becoming increasingly necessary to meet network performance goals in the latest wireless systems.
Separating of the electrical and mechanical mating planes within the connector
4.3-10 Connector separate of the electrical and mechanical mating planes. This allows the connector to achieve its transmission and PIM properties even when not fully torqued.  Additionally, the electrical contacts and electrical mating plane are protected by the outer body of the connector making the connector better-suited for field installations. 
The Separation also grants the female/jack connector to universally mate with any type of male/plug coupling mechanisms, instead of having to have a separate female/jack connector for each type of male/plug.
Small size enable condense installation
Small size enable condense installation down to 1 inch. The reason for this is that the hand-screw and push-pull 4.3-10 connectors can be closely packed, and don’t require a torque during installation. For high dense 5G, DAS, and Small Cell system, the 4.3-10 connector’s high performance make it very popular.
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