Low PIM, Low Loss Coax Cable

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Update time : 2019-04-18 14:25:42
Low PIM, Low Loss Coax Cable
Raynool provides cables in 1/4’’ superflexible, 1/2’’ flexible and 1/2’’ superflexible coaxial cables. Raynool low PIM coax cables can be ordered in standard and custom lengths with 7/16 DIN and Type N connectors to meet your specific requirements.

Raynool new low PIM 1/4″coaxial jumpers are used on many RF communications applications. Examples of these low PIM applications include tower top jumpers, shelter/cabinet jumpers, antenna feed lines and 2 way land mobile radio installations and other wireless or cellular infrastructure needs.

The 1/2corrugated coax jumpers from Raynool are perfect for cable runs when, low PIM, low VSWR, low insertion loss, and/or RF Isolation are critical.

Raynool also provide a wide series of Low PIM connectors, Low PIM Passive components, Raynool also design the customized solution with our client, please contact Raynool sales for more information.
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