How to effectively Reduce PIM

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Update time : 2019-05-06 09:57:52
How to effectively Reduce PIM
Coaxial cables provide an extremely efficient method of transmitting high frequency signals. However jumper cables make a very significant contribution to Passive Inter Modulation (PIM).
Coaxial cable itself contribute less PIM to the whole system when choosing the cable properly.
However, the reason that jumper cables have such bad press is the connector. The shorter the jumper cable the greater the “connector effect”, shorter jumper cables will generally make PIM worse not better.
Since connectors make a significant contribution to PIM, they have an important role in reducing PIM.
Apart from cable assemblies and cable termination, there are many other component in the system using connector, including:
Power Splitters
Termination Loads
Low PIM connector is vital in the whole Low PIM system, they are used where a signal transits from one component to another, where PIM are easily generated.
The most effective way to reducing PIM is choosing the Low PIM connector, these connector will apply in cable assemblies, passive component like power splitter, combiner, termination loads and antennas.
Raynool provide a wide series of Low PIM connector tailor for Low PIM systems.
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