What is Low PIM Connector

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What is Low PIM Connector?
What is PIM

PIM is short for Passive Intermodulation. It is a problem that happens largely in passive devices such as Connectors, Coax Cables and Splitters where interfering signals are generated by nonlinearities within a wireless system's mechanism.

Sources of PIM

1 Ferromagnetic materials, including ferrites, nickel, nickel plating and steels, exhibit hysteresis when exposed to reversing magnetic fields, resulting in PIM generation.
2 PIM can also be generated in components with manufacturing or workmanship defects, such as cold or cracked solder joints or poorly made mechanical contacts. If these defects are exposed to high RF currents, PIM can be generated. As a result, RF equipment manufacturers perform factory PIM tests on components, to eliminate PIM caused by these design and manufacturing defects.
3 Inconsistent metal-to-metal contact between RF connector surfaces.
4 PIM can also occur in connectors unmatched metals come in contact with each other.

Low PIM Connector

The Low PIM connectors have a low PIM of < -160 dBc.
1 The designs incorporates lots of aspects and forces of contact assuring sufficient pressure for the prevention of PIM, including gold or silver-plated mid contacts while the connector bodies are white bronze or silver plated.
2 Manufacturing process is important, cold or cracked solder joints or poorly made mechanical contacts will cause PIM, these defeats may not appear at the beginning, but will have great risk in later application.
3 Keep clean of the connector, dirt, dust, moisture or oxidation in the surface or contact will cause PIM.
4 Pay more attention on installation. Inadequate torque, poor alignment or poorly prepared contact surfaces will cause PIM.
Low PIM Connector refers to 7/16 or DIN Type, 4.3/10 or MINI DIN Type, N Type, NEX10 Type.
7/16 DIN Type is reliable and have good PIM performance, however, it is too large for the increasing RF connector density.
N Type is smaller but cannot match the PIM Performance of 7/16 DIN Type.
4.3/10 or MINI DIN Type is the front runner for the crown, its PIM Performance is similar to 7/16 DIN, while it is 37% smaller than 7/16 DIN Type.
NEX10 is the newest, release by HUBER+SUHNER, Radiall, Rosenberger, with JMA Wireless as the first additional supplier for NEX10.

PIM Testing

IEC 62037 is the international standard for PIM testing and gives specific details as to PIM measurement setups. The standard specifies the use of two +43 dBm (20W) tones for the test signals for PIM testing.

Build a better DAS and Small Cell

Low PIM means strong signals with more bandwidth for more users, which means happy customers and higher revenues for the carrier, with the Low PIM Connector, Low PIM Cable, Low PIM Splitter and other passive components, Raynool’s Low PIM Solution ensure you a better DAS and Small Cell Solution.
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