Low PIM Power Divider

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Low PIM Power Divider, Power Splitter, Power Combiner
Power Divider, also known as Power Splitter, when used in contrast, power combiner.
Basically, a 0° splitter is a passive device which accepts an input signal and delivers multiple output signals with specific phase and amplitude characteristics. Since the 0° power splitter is a reciprocal passive device it may be used as a power combiner simply by applying each signal singularly into each of the splitter output ports.
2 Output Ports, Insertion Loss is 3.0 dB , VSWR 1.25
3 Output Ports, Insertion Loss is 4.8 dB , VSWR 1.30
4 Output Ports, Insertion Loss is 6.0 dB , VSWR 1.35

Wilkinson power Splitter/divider
 The Wilkinson power divider has low VSWR at all ports and high isolation between output ports. The input and output impedances at each port are designed to be equal to the characteristic impedance of the microwave system.

How to choose a Power Divider at lower cost
There is no need to specify a number of tight spec parameters when you need a power splitter/combiner for a particularly stringent requirement. Simply specify a tight improved spec on the key parameter most critical to the task and you'll find the remaining specs will also be upgraded. If you insist on writing tight specs on a number of parameters, you may be paying extra money for a device you would have received anyway.
In some applications, it is possible for several parameters to be important. In other applications, only one parameter may be considerably significant while others are not. For example, in a power combiner used to add the outputs of two amplifiers, insertion loss is a critical factor while isolation may not be deemed essential. On the other hand, consider a test setup for two-tone, third-order IM measurement. Here it is common to operate two RF generators that are close to each other in frequency, resulting in one generator "talking to the other" or "pulling". To avoid this measurement pitfall, a power combiner is placed between both RF generators; here the isolation spec is very significant while other parameters, such as phase or amplitude unbalance, have no importance at all. You can lower your demands, and your cost, by analyzing what parameters must be met while understanding others that can be ignored.
Raynool provide Low PIM power splitter frequency range from 698 to 2700MHz, has two way, three way, 4 way, Power rated to 200W. The maximum input VSWR of this N reactive splitter / divider is 1.35:1, feature PIM ≤150dBc @2*43dBm, with DIN, N, 4.3-10 connector available.
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