Raynool's Low Loss LMR400 Coax Cable

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Update time : 2019-04-15 17:39:40
Raynool’s Low Loss LMR400 cable

Coaxial cables are commonly known for being a broadband, relatively low-loss and high isolation transmission line technology, they can be used for transmitting electromagnetic energy with much less loss than using free space propagation of an antenna and less interference.

  Designation Diameter (mm)
1 Inner Conductor 2.74±0.025
2 Dielectric 7.24±0.13
3 Outer Conductor Nom.8.13
4 Jacket 10.16±0.2
Frequency (MHz) Attenuation (dB/100ft)
150 1.5
220 1.9
450 2.7
700 3.4
750 3.55
800 3.67
900 3.9
1500 5.1
1800 5.7
2000 6.0
2500 6.8
5800 10.8

Raynool’s LMR400 cable is Low Loss and with a wide variety of connector and customized cable assemblies available.
Connectors: 4.3/10, N, DIN Type, Male and Female.
Cable Assemblies: customize length, connector type.
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