What's the key factor impacting the cable assembly?

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Author : Tony Huang
Update time : 2021-08-13 18:12:42
What's the key factor impacting the cable assembly?

Electrical Performance
VSWR and Insertion Loss, of course, it's the first thing should concern, one of the factor that easily neglect is the performance after repeated use, cable assembly that are not proper ruggedised will easily become damaged, stainless steel connector and armor is the most common way to ruggedise the assembly.

360h or even 540h heat aging test, flex test, and coil test are also the useful way for testing the stability of the cable assembly.

Phase stability & Amplitube stability
A cable assembly with Phase stability & Amplitube stability performance means that the cable assembly performance will be stable while moving it or flexing it, which is always un-avoidable.

Temperature Stability
While most test are conducted at room temperature, and cable assembly using circumstance is always at room temperature, however, there is sometimes not the case, then please take tempereature stability into account.

When the cable assembly is kinked, pinched, or crushed, mechanical stress will occur, therefore, crush and tensile strength are essential in overcoming mechanical stress.

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