What is the differences between DAS, BDA and ERCES

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Author : Tony Huang
Update time : 2020-11-10 18:34:32
What is the differences between DAS, BDA and ERCES

1 DAS: Distributed Antenna System is a network of passive or active antennas cables, connectors and other components, with the purpose of distributing the signal throughout the buildings.

2 ERCES: Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems is a term that describes the function and purpose of overall system. ERCES were introduce to address the weakened performance of responder’s portable radios within buildings.

3 BDA system: The bi-directional antenna system is a large antenna system that allows first responders to communicate on their Emergency Responder Radio System (ERRS). A BDA System is a signal boosting solution designed to enhance in-building RF signal coverage for public safety radio.
BDA is a system that is comprised of Donor Antenna, BDA and DAS.

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