Low PIM Solution

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Low PIM Solution


Low PIM Products

Low PIM Connectors

Low PIM Connector use silver plated conductor to perform a good Low PIM characteristic and white bronze plated body to avoid the tarnish defeats. Low PIM Connector have four type interface, DIN, 4.3-10, N, NEX10, with the increasing Network density, smaller interface is more and more popular in the market.

 low pim connector

Low PIM Adapters

As any additional connections could add the source of PIM, eliminate the need for adapters is the most effective way for a Low PIM System, sometimes Right Angle adaptors are used in confined installation situations, also in this situation, a Low PIM Right Angle Connector is still the preferred choice.

low pim adaptor


Low PIM, Low Loss Coaxial Cable

Low PIM, Low Loss coaxial cable are made of solid inner conductors, as solid conductor performs better in Low PIM characteristic than stranded. Corrugated outer conductors are used to enable a better shielding performance than braided outer conductors, like 1/4’’S, as this construction is less flexible, Tinned soaked copper braid is often used as it is more ease to install, these kind of cables comes to RG402, RG401. Sometimes, Low Density PTFE Dielectric will be used to provide a more flexible performance.

Low PIM Coaxial Cable Assemblies

To ensure the Coaxial Cable Assemblies are Low PIM rated, both connectors and coaxial cable should be Low PIM rated. Also be careful to choose the both end of the connector’s type, the proper two end connector can keep you from the situation of using adaptor. The test of individual cable assembly is necessary, some manufacturer will have the PIM performance listed on the cable, which can make evaluation much easier when there is a problem.

Plenum Rated Low PIM, Low Loss Coaxial Cable Assemblies.

The coaxial cable assemblies need to satisfy building code requirements, plenum rated cables-commonly RG402, RG401, 1/4’’S-will be used though it’s much more expensive than non-plenum rated ones.



Passive Low PIM Components. (Power Splitters, Dividers Couplers, Combiners, Attenuators and Termination Loads)


Connector, Coaxial Cable Assemblies aren’t the only Low PIM Devices. When there are multiple antennas in a building, the signals need to be split between the antennas, power distribution components, such as tappers, splitters, and dividers, are used to distribute power evenly, or unevenly, amongst two or more ports in a system. Tappers, splitters, and dividers are often used in DAS and small cell systems to distribute transmit signals to several remote radio heads or antennas. As these components involve several complex internal connections and are in the transmit signal chain, often for several antennas, it is important that these components are rated as low PIM. Otherwise, any PIM generated in these components could interfere with several sectors or distribution lines.

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