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Source of PIM
PIM is generated in places of discontinuities, metal-to-metal contact, and material properties that lead to nonlinear characteristics. to make sure a system is Low PIM, you need to know the source of PIM

Working with Low PIM products
Low PIM products like loads and splitters are hermetically sealed, their internal elements are relative protected, but their connectors are exposed. How to working with Low PIM products is mainly about how to working with Low PIM connectors.

Testing Low PIM products
Static PIM Test
Measurement values of static tests need to be below the required limit, but they should also be stable. The signal should not alter too much during the measurement. Changes of 2-4 dB are acceptable, higher swings - even if they are within the required limits -can be an indicator for (future) PIM problems.
Dynamic PIM Test (Wiggle test)
The dynamic PIM test (wiggle test) checks the quality of assemblies between cables and connectors.
Tested cables are moved in a circular way (turn diameter about 10 cm). Wiggle tests detect loose contacts and poor workmanship of cable assemblies. They find also bad soldering and shielding cracks. PIM measurements must be stable throughout the test.

Dynamic PIM Test (Tap test)
In the dynamic test (tap test), a harder device (made of wood or plastic material) is used to tap at all connectors. PIM readings should stay stable during this test. Possible contaminations like dust, metal chips in the connectors will cause spikes in the reading whenever the connectors are tapped.

Low PIM Connectors
Low PIM Connector refers to 7/16 or DIN Type, 4.3/10 or MINI DIN Type, N Type.
Low PIM Plenum cable assembly
Raynool 1/4'' corrugated plenum rated cable assembly ensure performance better than -155dBc(@2*43dbm), ideal for 2.2-5 Connector series, connector choice also include 4.3-10, DIN, SMA, straight and Right Angle.

Low PIM RG402/RG401 cable assembly
Raynool RG402/RG401 plenum rated cable assembly and non-plenum cable assembly are avaiable, choosing the proper cable type will effectively lower your total cost. A full connector ranges including, 2.2-5 series are available.

Low PIM Adaptor
Raynool has a full series of 2.2-5 adaptor.

For more information about Low PIM Connector & cable assembly, please contact our sales!

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