A Brief Introduction for LOW LOSS 400

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Update time : 2022-02-09 21:36:17

A Brief Introduction for LOW LOSS 400
LOW LOSS 400 Cable assemblies are widely used for many years, however, most of us have few knowledge of LOW LOSS 400 Cable, with the brief introduction from Raynool, you can better understand the cable you use every day.
The structure of LOW LOSS 400
Below pictures shows a standard structure of LOW LOSS 400 Cable, to make the weight lighter, there is a Al-Mg braiding wired on the market.

Different application call for different package
Normally, LOW LOSS 400 use drum package, it can protect the cable well and suit for indoor & outdoor application, carton package started to popular recently, as the shipping cost for both sea & air increase crazily and a carton package can help customer save the cost. But keep in mind to double check with your end customer as in some cases, carton package is unacceptable.

The most easily neglect point
Impedance. When we discuss LOW LOSS 400, we discuss 50 ohm impedance LOW LOSS 400, but 75 ohm is also available, do remember to take a look.
Custom Marking
Some of the manufacture can do private marking on the cable, without charging any extra, this is a very good way to build your brand, this service normally ask for 5-10 km MOQ. Raynool can do with a 1.5 km(5k ft) quantity as we know that it means a lot to our customer.
Delivery solution
Shipping cost increase crazily in the year 2021, a good delivery solution can help you save a lot, shipping with carton package by sea, of course, is the best way. Sometimes, you may need part of them in urgent, a combination of sea & air is also a good choice, do inform your customer that drum package cannot ship by air as it is overweight.
Different application call for different LOW LOSS 400 cable assemblies
N Male to N Male/Female cable assemblies is one of the most popular type in most cases, on the helium antenna solution, N Male to RP SMA Male is the most popular, Raynool have the popular type connector in stock and the custom make cable assemblies can be ship in 3-5 working days.
Raynool service
Professional and fast response, you will have the impression if Raynool has the opportunities to service you. Raynool, with the years experiences, will be a solid foundation to help you boost your projects.

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