RG223 Coaxial Cable

Item No.: RG223
RG223 Coax Cable is 50 Ohm and has PE dielectric,PVC Jacket.
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Coaxial Cable

Raynool 50 Ohm coaxial cable are available in corrugated, flexible, semi-flexible, or semi-rigid cable. a variety of dielectric including PTFE, Low Density PTFE, PE, Foam PE, Jacket including FEP, PVC, PE, or without Jacket. Most of standard coaxial cable are avialable for the same the shipping. for custom coaxial cable, Raynool sales are available to support you([email protected])





Low Loss.



 Generic Name  RG223
 Impedance  50 Ohm
 Dielectric Type  Solid PE
 Jacket Material  PVC
 Jacket Diameter  0.209 in(5.30 mm)
 Minimun Bend Radius         1.0 in(25.4 mm)
 Atteunuation  0.484dB/m @ 1000 MHz
 Atteunuation  1.00dB/m @ 3000 MHz

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1/4'' corrugated cable
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Semi-rigid RG405(Download Datasheet)



Small Cell Applications
Low-power base stations
In multi-operator/multiband DAS
Blind mate for panel as well as test & measurement


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