1/4'' Superflexible RG402, Low Loss 400 Plenum Coax Cable

1/4" Superflexible High Power, high temperature 50 Ohm plenum rated coaxial cable, corrugated copper, with FEP Jacket.
1/4'' Superflexible Plenum Coax Cable, Low PIM Low Loss. 
In-Building Low Loss, Low PIM Plenum Rated Coaxial Cable

UL CMP listed(E505624), Low PIM(≤-160dBc)


Product Structure
1.73mm Solid Copper inner conductor
4.80mm LD PTFE Dielectric
6.35mm Corrugated outer conductor
7.10mm FEP Jacket

Optimized Connector

Optimized for 2.2-5 Connector

· Low PIM,Low Loss.
· Avaiable with 1/4'', 1/2'', 1/2''s, 7/8 corrugate cable
· Avaiable with RG402(.141), RG401(.250) with FEP Jacket
· Avaiable with RG142, RG316 with FEP Jacket

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