Low PIM Plenum Rated Cable

Low PIM Plenum Rated Cable

Plenum is a space that is commonly above a ceiling or below a floor that serves as an air circulation chamber aiding in heating and cooling functions.

Plenum-rated cable is coated with a jacket that is made with flame-resistant material such as Teflon.Using plenum-rated cable in plenum spaces reduces levels of toxicity in the smoke emitted and the flame retardant jacketing makes the burning cable smoke less. 

CMP are used to describe plenum cables. “C” and “M” are used to indicate that the cable is complied with the NEC (National Electrical Code), “P” refers to plenum.


Low PIM Plenum rated, 1/4'' cable assemblies
2.2-5, 4.3-10, QMA, DIN, Type N


Low PIM Cable assembly<-160 dBc
100% Tested with 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz
UL 910 Plenum Rated RF Coaxial Cable
Low Loss with excellent VSWR


RG402(.141'') Plenum rated Cable& Plenum Cable Assembly



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