MCX connector for Drone

MCX Connector for Drone

MCX connector have the same inner contact and insulator dimensions as the SMB connector but are 30% smaller, this characteristic is fit for Drone, which is call for miniature size.

MCX connectors with the right angle male measuring typically 0.340 inches (8.63 mm) from the top to the bottom.  It comes in right angle male cable mount, PCB mount male and female plus circuit card edge, straight male, straight female, and straight female bulkhead. There are two version, 75Ohm version, and 50Ohm version.


Cost is tends to be less expensive compare to MMCX and SMP.
Locking mechanism is good, and for most manufacturers will “snap” when positioned. In addition much of the connector body is inserted into the mate giving more robust mechanical attachment. This connector does not decouple easily.
Large center contact up to 0.020in (0.508mm) typically.  This helps with multiple connects and disconnects. It is 77% larger area than the other center contacts. It is hard to bend a MCX center contact.
Frequency response will perform well up to 6 GHz.
Cable choices can be attached to most small and intermediate cables 0.047 (1.20mm) to 0.2 (5.08mm) OD, which includes the popular RG316, RG174, RG400, RG142, RG223, 0.047 and 0.086(RG405) semi rigid.