Material supplier for Wireless connectivity solutions

Material supplier for Wireless connectivity solutions

Raynool Provide a wide series of Low PIM Connectors, Low PIM, Low Loss Plenum rated Cable, Low PIM cable assemblies, Low PIM passive components, accessories for Wireless connectivity solutions.

1. Low PIM Connectors

Raynool focus on manufacturing Low PIM Connector and Low PIM cable assembly, our production capability is 2 - 3k pcs per day.

Connector order lead time: 2 weeks, cable assembly lead time: 2-3 weeks. Please let us know if you need customize design and private label!

What is Low PIM? Click here to get more details! Low PIM Connector refers to 7/16 or DIN Type, 4.3/10 or MINI DIN Type, N Type, NEX10 Type, 2.2-5 Type.

How to reduce PIM?  Raynool is here to help!

2. Low PIM, Low Loss Plenum rated Cable

Raynool master Low Density PTFFE wrapping technology, ¼’’ S Plenum rated cable has high performance.

Raynool  semi flexible manufacture line cover RG401 RG402 RG405, 0.47 coaxial cable.

Raynool have a full series of Low Loss cable from Low Loss 100, 200,400 to 600 cable.

3. Low PIM Passive

Raynool supply Low PIM passive splitter, load, coupler.

4. Accessories

Raynool has found that the hardware used to secure RF components behind or below base station antennas is often a source of passive intermodulation (PIM) at cell sites. In many cases, this hardware is used to secure RF jumper cables to metal members near the antenna. To eliminate this source of PIM, Raynool has designed a family of low PIM mounting solutions for securing RF cables near base station antennas.

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