DAS Solution

Why DAS Solution?
With the insatiable demand for data consumption,coverage and capacity demand is increasing day by day. DAS Solution allow wireless service providers to deliver the coverage they need,with the strengths of fast deployment time,low cost and can work with multiple carriers.DAS Solution take the spotlight.

What Raynool Provide?
A DAS has two basic components:A signal source and a Distribution System.Coaxial cable,Connector,Jumper and Passive component are needed in the DAS System.Each DAS solution requires a customized approach from start to finish,Raynool help you look into each case and can provide you the product both in large or small quantity.Raynool also has experience engineer to support you to pick the right one not the best one to meet your cost down target.

What can you get from Raynool's solution?
In today's businese,time is money,Raynool's quick response enable you to have more time to select the right one.As the manufacturer of the connector and assembly,Raynool's product may better meet your target price,to ensure that you have more margin to take the market.Raynool also keep an eye on DAS market for years,our sales team can give you advice and select the model together with your engineer if needed.