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By Tony Huang | 04 November 2022 | 0 Comments

Quality Service

Quality Service

Service plays a more and more important role on today's businese, with many years experience in cooperatation of world famous company, Raynool not only provide qualify products to our customer, but also excellent service.

   a. Customized package service
       Different customer have different use circumstance for the same RF products, Raynool can tailor the package to increase the working effectiveness of our customer.

   b. Private Label service
       Brand is always a value added point, Raynool provide private label service to help you build your brand in the RF area!

   c. Shipping solution service
        Under the pandemic circumstance, the shipping cost changes day by day, a cost effective shipping solution can save you a lot of money!
        Raynool have a full range of shipping way and can design solution especially for you! You can save up to 30% by choosing a proper shipping way.

   d. Large order delivery capability
       Raynool quality control system ensure that no matter you order 100 pcs  or 100k pcs, you will get the product exactly the same as the sample at your hand!
       You can rely on Raynool especially for large order.

   e. Low MOQ
       Raynool Cherish the opportunity to cooperate with you, do worry about your project scale, you will get the same quality service at Raynool!

Raynool is not a company that only sales RF products, Raynool provide excellent service at the same time!

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