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By Tony Huang | 01 November 2022 | 0 Comments

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

When choosing a RF Connector or RF product supplier, there are many factors need to be taken into account, however, one of the inevitable factor is the cost.

How to effectively lower the total cost?
Factory Price
Yes, It surely that a Factory Price will be much more competitve, however, you may hesitate that it will take you a lot of time to deal with the factory and most factories are reluctant to support you because of many reasons come to your mind.
What Raynool will provide:
   a, Excellent service, Raynool always keep it's motto in mind,"Providing the excellent service to our customer!".
   b, Professional, Raynool expertize in Low PIM connector, Low PIM, Low Loss cable & cable assembly, which can significantly save the communication time and lower the risk.
   c. Factory Price, Raynool's factory located in China, Raynool has its own connector line & cable assembly line, which can guarantee the competitive price & stable quality.

   d. Fast turn around, Raynool sample lead time is 1-2 weeks and mass order 3-4 weeks. Factory can also react fast, at least Raynool can!
    e. Low MOQ, Raynool‘s service won't discount on Low MOQ project, give Raynool a try and check what you will get.

1, If you only looking for one type of RF products, for example, RF Connector, the answer will be easier, you just need to consider about the RF connector cost, proper package, proper shipping way.

RF Connector price, most of the buyer focus too much on the connector price itself, you are half right, because what it matters is the total cost for the whole project, the proper package & shipping way may save you a lot more money than the price difference between two connector manufacturer.

To know more about how to get a performance RF Connector with your target price, click here!
To know more about the package method and the shipping way, click here!

2, If you are looking for a package of RF material, for example, RF Connector, bulk cable, cable assembly, RF passive, accessories, there are a lot to do to lower the total cost.

Find a supplier that have the capability to supply all the items, some of the RF product supplier only focus on one type of products, RF connector, RF passive for example, you may have hard time to confirm the detail because they are not familiar with it and may make a mistake. Sometimes you may even want to give up and purchase the material individually and take you a lot of energy to keep everything on trace, however, one stop shop is proved to be one of the most effective way to save the cost and enlarge you businese, which is adopted by most of the giant.

Don't give up, keep looking for a proper supplier, a good one stop shop supplier can lay a solid foundation for your businese!

We will keep updating for useful information for our customer! leave an email to our sales and you won't miss any useful tips!

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