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By Tony Huang | 22 February 2023 | 0 Comments

One Stop Shop

One Stop-Shop Service

Low PIM Connectors
Raynool has a full series of RF Connector from DIN Type, 4.3-10 Type, N Type, 2.2-5 Type Low PIM Connector to other RF Connector SMA Type, BNC Type, 1.0-2.3 Type, TNC Type, etc., Raynool is one of your reliable sources of RF Connector.

Cable Assemblies
Raynool can customize Low PIM Cable assembly based on your requirement, Raynool has a lot of cable in stock and the fast delivery can help you explore the market more smoothly!

Bulk Cables
Raynool Low PIM, Plenum rated RG402, RG142 is quite competitive on the market, besides, Low Loss series cable RN100, RN195, RN200, RN240, RN300, RN400, RN600 is always available, if you look for other types cable, please let me know!

Passive Components
Dispite the RF Connector, coaxial cable & cable jumper, Raynool can also supply passive components, RF Power Splitter, Wilkinson splitter, Dummy load or Termination, Attenuator, Lighting arrester, with or without Low PIM performance.

Do you also need the accessories? Raynool is here to help! Raynool has a full series of accessories including weatherproofing kit, weather boot, cold shrink tube, feeder cable clamp, grounding kit, and so on.

If you looking for a supplier of wireless infrastructure material, do hesitate to contact Raynool!

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