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By Tony Huang | 22 February 2023 | 0 Comments

BDA Solution Coaxial Cable Jumper

BDA solution --- Coaxial Cable Jumper

BDA (Bi Directional Amplifier System) is a type of DAS, or call Public Safety DAS, Raynool serve BDA market many years and feature varies of RF products, includes:

1. Coaxial Cable Jumper
2. RF connectors & adapters
3. Passive Components
4. Accessories

1.  Coaxial Cable Jumper

RG58 Coaxial Cable Jumper: RG58 BDA jumper normally come with N Male or N Female, with 0.5 meter length, 1 meter length or custom requirement.

LMR195 Coaxial Cable Jumper: LMR195 Coaxial Cable feature low loss.

LMR400 Coaxial Cable Jumper: LMR400 Coaxial Cable have a lower loss than LMR195 cable, and come with longer length than LMR195/RG58 cable, Raynool manufacture the custom length LMR400 Coaxial Cable Jumper tailor to your project requirement.

Plenum Rated 
LMR400 Coaxial Cable Jumper: When the cable assemble on the plenum area, plenum rated cable are needed.

Plenum Rated RG402 Coaxial Cable Jumper: RG402 Cable Jumper feature Low PIM, and also Plenum rated.

Plenum Rated RG142 
Coaxial Cable Jumper: RG142 or RG400 Cable feature Plenum rated, flexible, and Low Loss.

Raynool manufacture a full series of BDA Coaxial Cable Jumper and with fast delivery to ensure meet your project schedule.

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