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By Tony Huang | 22 March 2023 | 0 Comments

BDA & DAS Solution

BDA & DAS Solution


BDA is short for Bi-Directional Amplifier, a two-way radio signal boosters to bring facilities into compliance with Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC). There are 3 frequency ranges on BDA systems, while most popular is 700 MHz and 800 MHz. BDA focus on providing reliable two-way radio communications throughout a facility, which includes stairwells, underground tunnels and all the dead zones, BDA address reliable, especially in Emergency events such as fire.

DAS is short for Distributed Antenna System, there is indoor DAS iDAS and outdoor DAS oDAS, in some case, we also use active DAS and passive DAS to specific different project, BDA is also a Pulic Safety DAS, When do you need a public safety DAS? You can get more details in our previous blog. Click here!

Variables such as building materials, dead spots, and signal interference offer specific challenges. Raynool can manufacture and custom design connector and cable to address your RF needs in your projects. Contact Raynool sales today at [email protected] for the BDA & DAS RF products.

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