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By Tony Huang | 30 March 2020 | 0 Comments

1/4" Corrugated Plenum (CMP) rated Cable

1/4" Corrugated Cable
What is Plenum?
Plenum is a space that is commonly above a ceiling or below a floor. Plenum spaces permit fire and smoke to travel quickly, therefore the cable in this space must withstand smoke and fire.
What is Plenum rated Cable?
Plenum-rated cable is coated with a jacket that is made with flame-resistant material such as FEP. Plenum (CMP) Cable jacket is made from either a Low smoke PVC or a FEP. Since the jacket material requirement for Plenum (CMP) is stricter than of CM and CMR, the price will be comparatively high.
Make a choice between Plenum and non-Plenum cable.
If your cable is not going into a plenum space, than non-plenum cable is the less expensive alternative. PVC can cost as little as one third of the cost of plenum cable. However, with insurance rates on the rise, building owners are choosing plenum rated cable as the best long term cable decision. Plenum rated cables cause less physical damage if an accident were to occur.
UL listed
Raynool Plenum rated cable are UL listed,
Certificate number E505624.

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