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By Tony Huang | 01 December 2021 | 0 Comments

2.4mm 2.92mm RF Coaxial Adapter for 5G

2.4mm 2.92mm RF Coaxial Adapter for 5G

Raynool offer a full range of RF coaxial adapter, 2.4mm/2.92mm L Male/Female to 2.4mm/2.92mm Male Female are all in stock and can be sent within 1 week.

More about Raynool High Frequency products:

Raynool offers a wide range of cable types and connector options to meet the exact performance for your 5G application.

Raynool high frequency testing cables, cable assemblies, connectors & adaptors from 18GHz to 110GHz, widely used for different applications like as Vector Network Analyzers and verious testing application.

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