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By Tony Huang | 31 May 2023 | 0 Comments

Low PIM RF Connector 2.2-5 series

Low PIM RF Connector 2.2-5 series

2.2-5 series connector is the next generation of small RF Connector designed for 5G, small, robust, PIM stable.
2.2-5 series have taken the concept of 4.3-10 series while the smaller design can meet the small cell and 5G application.

Material & Finished

1 Center Conductor Brass Silver plating
2 Dielectric PTFE /
3 Body Brass Ternary plating
4 Other metal part Brass Ternary plating
5 Gasket Silicone Rubber /

Electrical Data
Impedance: 50 ohm
Frequency Range: DC-4 GHz
VSWR: < 1.20
PIM: < -160 dbc @ 700 MHz / 900 MHz / 1800 MHz / 1900 MHz

PIM, which stands for Passive Intermodulation, is an interference, Low PIM performance is a main characteristic in 5G DAS and Small Cell application.
Raynool 2.2-5 series Low PIM RF Coaxial Connector have both static and dymanic PIM performance.

Combact Design

2.2-5 series connector is 53% smaller than 4.3-10 series, which is ideal for space constraint requirement of DAS, Small Cell and 5G application.


2.2-5 series adopt 4.3-10 series concept and have more robust connection and more stable PIM than type N.

Cable Type

Ideal for hand formable Semiflex 141 (RG402, TFT-402, TFT-402LF TFT-5G-402), Semiflex 250, Semiflex 086 Cable, and corrugated 1/4'' Superflex, 3/''8 Superflex, 1/2'' Standard.

Contact [email protected] to order the Low PIM 2.2-5 series connector.

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