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What is the differences between DAS, BDA and ERCES What is the differences between DAS, BDA and ERCES
Nov .10.2020
The bi-directional antenna system, or BDA, is a large antenna system that allows first responders to communicate on their Emergency Responder Radio System (ERRS). BDA is a system that is comprised of Donor Antenna, BDA and DAS.
What is CMP/FT6 What is CMP/FT6
Nov .02.2020
Raynool products pass UL CMP, C.S.A FT6, The purpose of this test is to determine whether the flame-propagation and smoke-generating characteristics of cables without raceways are within the limits specified in the National Electrical Code (NEC).
CMP Explained CMP Explained
Oct .28.2020
CMP is a cable jacket fire resistance rating, It stands for Communications Multipurpose cable, Plenum.