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By Oscar Yang | 07 August 2020 | 0 Comments

Where to buy a low PIM connector

Where to buy a Low PIM Connector
Where to buy a Low PIM Connector, it’s an easy and hard question. If you don’t care about the money, you can directly buy one from PE or Digi-key platform. Price is a little high but quality is guaranteed. But how could you do if you want to buy the good quality Low PIM Connector with little budget?
What is Low PIM Connector?
The Low PIM connectors have a low PIM of < -160 dBc.
Low PIM Connector refers to 7/16 or DIN Type, 4.3/10 or MINI DIN Type, N Type.
7/16 DIN Type is reliable and have good PIM performance, however, it is too large for the increasing RF connector density.
N Type is smaller but cannot match the PIM Performance of 7/16 DIN Type.
4.3/10 or MINI DIN Type is the front runner for the crown, its PIM Performance is similar to 7/16 DIN, while it is 37% smaller than 7/16 DIN Type.
Do you have a good knowledge of Low PIM Connector?
If not, you had better purchase from famous brand like PE or Digi-Key. Although you pay a lot, it worth it.
If I had experienced, what should I do?
Then, you can start to find your custom supplier, a lot of manufacturer in China have stock for the Low PIM Connector, you can even buy 1 pcs with a very good price. If you have your own datasheet and need custom design, you can also talk to them, China manufacturer normally accept 200 pcs MOQ, some for even 100 pcs.
Last but not the least, it’s important to ask for a test report when you receive the Low PIM Connector, you can come back to your manufacturer if you have any problem.
Next week, we will share how to fine a reliable Low PIM RF connector supplier in China.

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