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By Tony Huang | 07 August 2020 | 0 Comments

What is Low PIM Connector (Part 2)

What is Low PIM Connector (Part 2)

Last week, we discuss what is PIM and the main feature of the Low PIM connector, today, we continue to introduce the connector type and its pros and cons.

Low PIM Connector refers to 7/16 or DIN Type, 4.3/10 or MINI DIN Type, N Type.
7/16 DIN Type is reliable and have good PIM performance, however, it is too large for the increasing RF connector density.
N Type is smaller but cannot match the PIM Performance of 7/16 DIN Type.
4.3/10 or MINI DIN Type is the front runner for the crown, its PIM Performance is similar to 7/16 DIN, while it is 37% smaller than 7/16 DIN Type.
PIM Testing
IEC 62037 is the international standard for PIM testing and gives specific details as to PIM measurement setups. The standard specifies the use of two +43 dBm (20W) tones for the test signals for PIM testing.
Build a better DAS and Small Cell
Low PIM means strong signals with more bandwidth for more users, which means happy customers and higher revenues for the carrier, with the Low PIM Connector, Low PIM Cable, Low PIM Splitter and other passive components, Raynool’s Low PIM Solution ensure you a better DAS and Small Cell Solution.

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