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By Tony Huang | 13 May 2019 | 0 Comments

Low PIM Solution Part 3

Low PIM Passive Components. (Power Splitters, Dividers Couplers, Attenuators and Termination Loads)

Connector, Coaxial Cable Assemblies aren’t the only Low PIM Devices. When there are multiple antennas in a building, the signals need to be split between the antennas, power distribution components, such as tappers, splitters, and dividers, are used to distribute power evenly, or unevenly, amongst two or more ports in a system. Tappers, splitters, and dividers are often used in DAS and small cell systems to distribute transmit signals to several remote radio heads or antennas. As these components involve several complex internal connections and are in the transmit signal chain, often for several antennas, it is important that these components are rated as low PIM. Otherwise, any PIM generated in these components could interfere with several sectors or distribution lines.


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