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By Tony. Huang | 07 August 2020 | 0 Comments

Low PIM Solution

Low PIM Solution(part 1)

As a prime supplier of the In-Building & DAS solution, Raynool provide a wide range of Low PIM connectors, cable, and jumpers. These cost competitive products provide reliable performance to support the demanding need of In-Building wireless networks.

Low PIM Connectors

Low PIM Connector use silver plated conductor to perform a good Low PIM characteristic and white bronze plated body to avoid the tarnish defeats. Low PIM Connector have four type interface, DIN, 4.3-10, N, with the increasing Network density, smaller interface is more and more popular in the market.

Low PIM Adapters

As any additional connections could add the source of PIM, eliminate the need for adapters is the most effective way for a Low PIM System, sometimes Right Angle adaptors are used in confined installation situations, also in this situation, a Low PIM Right Angle Connector is still the preferred choice.

We will discuss more Low PIM products in the next blog, Raynool Provide a wide series of Low PIM Connectors, Low Loss Cable, Low PIM cable assemblies, Low PIM passive components. Please get in reach with Raynool sales to customize your Low PIM Solution.


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