Coaxial Cable


Item No.: RG8
RG8 Coax Cable is 50 Ohm and has a Black PE Jacket
RG8 Coax Cable Single Shielded with Black PE Jacket
Key Specification 
Model #:                          RG8
Center Conductor: CCA
Dielectric Type: PE
No. of Shields: 1
Outer Conductor: Al foil + Al Braid
Jacket Diameter:  10.16 mm
Jacket Material PE
Cable Type Coax
Flex Type: Flexible
Impedance:  50 Ohm
Velocity of Propagation: 85%
VSWR@ 3GHz 1.15
RF Shielding: 90 dB
Frequency, Max : 6 GHz
Max Operating Temperature : 80 deg C